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Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXISPlug-in radio receiver NICE SMXIS
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Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXIS


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Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXIS

SMXIS is 4-channel radio receiver for control units equipped with SM-type connector.

The peculiarity of compatible transmitters is that the identification code is different for each transmitter. Therefore, in order to allow the receiver to recognise a determined transmitter, the recognition code must be memorised. This operation must repeated for each transmitter required to communicate with the control unit.

Up to a maximum of 256 transmitters can be memorised in the receiver. No one transmitter can be cancelled; all the codes must be deleted. - For more advanced functions use the appropriate programming unit. The receiver features 4 outputs, all available on the underlying connector. To find out which function is performed by each output, see the control unit's instructions.

During the transmitter code memorisation phase, one of these options may be chosen:

Mode I. Each transmitter button activates the corresponding output in the receiver, that is, button 1 activates output 1, button 2 activates output 2, and so on. In this case there is a single memorisation phase for each transmitter; during this phase, it doesn't matter which button is pressed and just one memory sector is occupied.

Mode II. Each transmitter button can be associated with a particular output in the receiver, e.g., button 1 activates output 2, button 2 activates output 1, and so on. In this case, the transmitter must be memorised, pressing the required button, for each output to activate. Naturally, each button can activate just one output while the same output can be activated by more than one button. One memory section is occupied for each button.

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