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Complete set for swing gates BFT PHOBOS N


Price: 593.48 

(482.50  without tax)

The operator for swing gates

Easy to mount BFT Automatic gate operator designed to provide maximum safety and convenience. The extraordinary variety of possible applications makes it perfectly suitable also for prestigious buildings. The use of limit switches enables precise operation of the door and stop at exactly the scheduled wing position.


The operator for residential swing gates, for gates weighing 250kg and wings for up to 2 m (PHOBOS N) and the gates weighing up to 250kg and a length of the wings up to 5m 3m with electric lock or without electric lock (PHOBOS NL). They have a power supply 230V motor. Exchanges depending on the model have different capabilities. All have an integrated radio with changeable code and memory up to 63 remote transmitters. The operator does not have a limit switch is required fender assembly machinery. Parts for use up to 60 cycles per day.

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