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Operator for sectional and overhead gates BFT PEGASO C 230

CODE: P925203 00002

Price: 599.63 

(487.50  without tax)

The operator for garage doors

The operator for the BFT garage doors offer a rich and reliable solutions. From drives to the gates of the residential, industrial solutions. Wide range of accessories allows you to perform quick and easy installation. Modern technology ensures the safety of use.



operator for industrial sectional doors mounted on a shaft-inch gate. They have a torque from 50 to 100Nm and are intended to gate of the area from 20m ² to 45m ². Motors have a voltage of 230V or 400V. To the drive control panel is recommended SIRO MA (400V). PEGASO versions of the letter C, have a chain hoist and chain 4m. Where the operator is installed at a height greater than 3.5 m, extension chain are sold. Electronic limit switches. The efficiency of 30% ED (230) and 60% DC (400V) up to 500 cycles per day.

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