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Operator for sectional and overhead gates BFT ARGO

CODE: P925202 00001

Price: 630.38 

(512.50  without tax)

The operator for garage doors

The operator for the BFT garage doors offer a rich and reliable solutions. From drives to the gates of the residential, industrial solutions. Wide range of accessories allows you to perform quick and easy installation. Modern technology ensures the safety of use.


operator for residential garage doors and for collective garages mounted on a shaft-inch gate. It has a torque of 55nm (ARGO) and 80Nm (ARGO G) and are designed for doors up to 20m ² (ARGO) and 35 meters (ARGO G). They have a 24V-powered engine and an integrated control unit head quarters VENERE A. Programming is done by using the three buttons and LCD display. Integrated radio with Rolling code allows up to 63 remote controls. Frequency of use from 150 to 350 cycles per day depending on the diameter of the top roll drum.

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