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Hydraulic operator for swing gates BFT LUX BHydraulic operator for swing gates BFT LUX B
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Hydraulic operator for swing gates BFT LUX B

CODE: P935010 00001

Price: 530.44 

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Hydraulic operator for swing gates

Hydraulic cylinders BFT is a proposal, addressed to the owners of large, heavy and heavily used gates. These solutions are reliable and proven in all conditions. Company declines as the first in the market also presents operators with hydraulic motor powered by 24V detection of obstacles and the exact end position adjustment.


Hydraulic operator for residential swing gates and work intensive, designed for gates weighing up to 300kg wings of 800kg at the gate length of 2 m to 5 m. Many models for the various gates are easy to fit an appropriate solution. LUX operator do not have limit switches, you need a fender assembly machinery. operator in version B or 2B have a hydraulic lock when opening or opening and closing the gate length to 3 meters do not require the use of electronic lock. Frequency of use from 250 to 500 cycles per day.

LUX B is the same operator LUX which hydraulic lock at closing, the maximum dimensions 2m/300kg gate 500 cycles per day.


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