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Complete set for swing gates CAME ATI A3000

Complete set

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Price for all: 885.25 €
(719.72 € without tax)
1 × Control board CAME ZF1N
1 × Radio card CAME AF43S
1 × CAME TAM-432SA remote transmitter
1 × Pair of external photocells CAME DIR10
2 × Operator for swing gates CAME ATI A3000
Control board CAME ZF1N
Control panel for 230v ZF1N actuators. New generation of electronic exchanges CAME gates provide a number of solutions andfeatures tailored to the specific user requirements. The control panels are managedmicroprocessor, also come with factory radio decoder. Just plug the card with the desired frequency to obtain control of the remote control. This control panel also featuresa stop at one entrance and exit lines of photocells for locking. Housing made of ABS with dimensions L204x H274x D133 mm.
Radio card CAME AF43S
AF43S frequency card used only in the control panels and control panels CAME
CAME TAM-432SA remote transmitter
Tam Multi-user function, ideal for use in condominiums. Transmitter-transmitter self-learning. 2-channel multi-user transmitter with self-learning function. 16,777,216 combinations.
Pair of external photocells CAME DIR10
Photocells DIR-DOC Sync your infrared photocells DIR photocells operating principle is based on synchronization between the transmitterand receiver - this event occurs after power. This means that each receiver only workswith the corresponding transmitter, thereby eliminating the possibility of signal interference external sources. In addition to the technology DIR photocells are distinguished modern design and very small size. PHOTOCELL DIR10-photocell outdoor range of up to 10 m, power supply 12-24 V AC / DC The housing is made of ABS (polycarbonate)
Operator for swing gates CAME ATI A3000
Operator for swing gates CAME ATI A3000 Version 3 and 5 meters. Robust, powerful and electromechanical characteristics of along-lasting work of automation. Microswitch controlling the stop movement of the doorallows for easy adjustment of the position in which the gate has to stop. A3000 CAME soself-locking operator. It has a built-in limit switch. The maximum length of one wing of 3m.

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