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Complet set for sliding gates CAME BK 800 230V


Price: 808.00 

(656.91  without tax)

Operator for sliding gates CAME BK 800 230V
Intelligent Automation
Safety and reliability: individual selected automation system. Largest selection ofoperator for handling group travel in residential areas, factories, public buildings. At theBK series consists of nine motors for gates weighing 800 kg, 1200 kg, 1800 kg, 2200 kg. Some of them have ENCODER constantly monitoring the gate

In addition to standard control functions and safety, the new album includes features to increase control over the gate and to optimize its work:
- AUTOMATIC CODING between sender and receiver.
- FLASHING LIGHTS PRELIMINARY during opening and closing.
- TRAFFIC STOP GATES remote control
- SECURITY GATES IMMOVABLE. Headquarters open / close are
   ignored in the light of the gate is an obstacle.
- Connect LIGHTS illuminating the gateway environment.
- Ability to synchronize two cylinders
- MASTER SLAVE function: maximum simplification of the connections that gives thedisc when synchronizing operator.

Operator for sliding gates BK-800 230V
General Characteristics:
Electromechanical operator (degree of protection IP 54 / NEMA 3)
Gate release system with key CAME, convertible into a cylinder with key personnel
Body made of die-cast aluminum
The control board standard
The total isolation from the motor control board and transformer
Housing made of ABS plastic with a hole technology heat dissipation from the engine compartment

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